Adult Classes and Workshops

Adult Learn to Draw Weekly Classes - Basics & Beyond

Have you always wanted to learn how to draw but weren't sure where to start? Come and learn the 'secrets' of drawing realistically in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. We just can't keep a secret!  

Our weekly classes are the perfect way for you to relax and recharge on your own. Invest in your own creativity and see how learning to draw can positively affect your daily life. No drawing experience is necessary — perfect for the most intimidated artist.   This is also a wonderful social opportunity, so join with a friend and save 10% off the second registration.  Please enquire!

The Basics of Drawing: Part 1 

Aliki's 7-Step System for learning to draw will allow you to experience immediate success and confidence in your own abilities.  Drawing fundamentals such as line and shape, form and space, texutre and value, and colour will be practiced in weekly projects using a variety of media. All classes offer theory and demonstration of techniques combined with plenty of practice time and fun! You will be amazed at how easy it is to learn how to draw.

Spring 2017 TERM: April 4th to Jun 6th, 2017 

Afternoon Classes:   Tuesdays 9:30 - 11:30 am REGISTER HERE

Cost: $326.25  (instructional fee including a take-home drawing kit plus use of studio materials).  26.25 Registration Fee.  Fees may be paid monthly.  Prices include GST.

Beyond the Basics: Part 2 

In ten weeks we will review the elements of art that we introduced in the first session, and expand on these ideas while creating finished pieces.  We will begin to look at the principles of art (such as pattern, rhythm/movement; proportion/scale; balance; unity; emphasis) and begin to apply these concepts into our work, while keeping in mind the applications of the elements and applying them when needed.  We will also explore a variety of color media such as oil and calk pastel, pencil and wax crayon, watercolor pencil, etc. Best suited for past students who have take our One Day Workshop, or Learn to Draw weekly classes. 

SPRING 2017 TERM: March 23 - June 1 (No class April 20)   REGISTER HERE

Afternoon:  Thursdays 1:30 - 3:30 pm Cost: $326.25 


Evenings Drop-In: Thursdays 7:30 - 9:00 pm  Call to express interest as these classes run on a bi-weekly drop in basis

Cost:  fee is determined monthly ($120.00/month)   Please call to register   

Learn to Draw ONE-DAY Workshop  

Part 1

This in-depth drawing workshop is geared to adults and teens at all stages from the most intimidated to drawing enthusiasts. Aliki’s 7-Step System* will teach you how to draw realistically in just ONE DAY!  We have balanced just the right combination of theory, drawing exercises, and fun. You will leave the studio saying, "I CAN draw!" with confidence!  

The first photo is the participant's drawing BEFORE instruction and the second drawing is after one hour of instruction. 

Dates:  Sunday, April 30, OR  Jun 4, 2017  REGISTER HERE 

Time:  9:30  am  - 4:00 pm (30 minute lunch break on your own)

Cost: Workshop fee + Materials fee: $165.00  (includes a take-home starter drawing kit).  Prices include GST. 

Part 2 - At the request of past participants!

Continue your artistic journey with us as you refine the drawing skills you discovered in the Part 1-ONE DAY Workshop.  We will review the elements of art that were introduced in the first session, and expand on these ideas while creating finished pieces.  You will gain more confidence in your independent drawing skills and explore seeing tone as shape, adding tone with lines, basic perspective and drawing from real life.  

Dates : Sunday, May 7, 2017   REGISTER HERE 

Time: 9:30 am - 4:00 pm (30 minute lunch break on your own)

Cost: Workshop plus materials fee: $157.50 including GST.

Introduction to Painting Basics

This class is the perfect opportunity for adults to explore the fundamentals of acrylic painting through hands-on learning of painting techniques and skills.  Learn  concepts such as  colour, light, form, texture through step by step instruction for each project. While learning painting techniques, we encourage exploration of material and personal creative expression. Beginners are welcome; drawing experience beneficial. Minimum of 5 students required to offer the class.  

Dates:  May 2 to June 20th  REGISTER HERE

Day and Time:  Tuesdays at 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Cost (incl. GST):  $300.00 Returning Students; $325.26 New Students   

Drop IN ~ Mixed Media & Gem Journal Classes  ~ Project of Choice

Create a Gem Journal.   Gem journals are fun and easy to create.  As adults, we can feel as though we’ve lost some of the innocence and joy of our childhoods. We don’t have the time to stop, reflect, evaluate, wonder and play. What if you could take some time out for you and  give yourself permission to express yourself creatively using the combination of art and writing? Ignore the voices telling you that you’re not an artist and that you can’t do this!  

Each class teaches you how to begin your personal Gem Journal using Aliki's Seven Steps to Building a Journal Page through a series of fun, hands-on classes for everyone to learn and enjoy the wonderful process of creating a beautiful visual record for yourself.  

Anyone and everyone is welcome to come and join us.  No prior art background is necessary. Beginners experience immediate success. Register with a friend — you'll look forward to this creative opportunity to bond and learn together.  Teachers and educators are also welcome to experience the process in order to teach the methodology to students as a learning tool.

Mar 17 - May 12th (no class on Mar 31 or Good Friday) REGISTER HERE

Day & Time: Fridays at 9:30 - 11:30 am 

Cost:   $157.50 for 6 week block; $26.25 Materials Fee if you don't bring our own supplies.    

Drop In Fee: $31.50/class.  Please call to let us know you're attending. 

Is there an art project that you would like to finish but just don't seem to make the time for it? Maybe you would like to start working on something that you have wanted to try for a long time? Too many distraction at home keeping you from practicing your art? 

Drawing, journaling, painting,etc  — it's your choice. Join us on Friday mornings and practice your art in a communal setting with a supportive and friendly group of peers.  Our studio offers a lovely space with natural lighting in which to create and relax.  Mentorship and feedback/critiques are offered if you would like.  Our instructor will be available for mentoring and/or designing still life arrangements.  Please bring your own materials.  

Right Brain Drawing for Adults 

This comprehensive weekly class will teach you a whole new way of looking at the world.  You will become aware of 7 perceptions required to draw realistically from life.  Projects include drawing your own hand, parts of the studio and even a self portrait. The photos below illustrate the progress of 2 students after only 12 weeks of instruction. 

Next Session will be Fall 2017

Day and Time:   Tuesdays 6:30 - 8:30pm 

Cost: $26.25 New Student Registration fee; $446.25 Course Fee plus drawing kit.  Fee may be paid monthly. Prices include GST.

Arts Combo: An Exploration of 2-D and 3-D Art

Explore your inner artist in a whole new way. This 8-week art course integrates a wonderful combination of both 2D and 3D techniques into the creative process.  Adult art students will learn and practice drawing exercises that facilitate relaxation and the experience of working "on the right side of the brain."  The sculpting component of these art classes will introduce methods used by professional artists to create your own works of art that you'll be proud to display. Each session will have a variety of projects and may vary from sample photos. 

Adults at any level of art experience are welcome. No prior art experience is necessary — just a willingness to have fun while creating!  This is a relaxing class that will take you back to what it feels like to be a kid again ... playing, enjoying and creating without the need to make things perfect.  This is the perfect class for teens and parents!  Youth, 13 years and older, are also welcome.  

Date: This class will be offered in April and May 2017.   

Day & Time: Tuesdays at 6:30 - 8:30 for 8 weeks

Cost:  $350 Instructional fee incl. materials; Fees may be paid monthly.   Prices include GST.  Join with a friend — have more fun and save 10%each!

Expressive Art Program 

At Aliki’s, when we say....  ‘Art makes you feel good!’ we recognize there are, in fact, many responses to the art-making experience. Benefits differ for each individual and can arise in vastly unique ways. Some folks are surprised to discover how soothing, centering, and inherently healing the art-making process can be.  Perhaps this is because art is our universal language. It connects us with our fellow beings... giving voice to our heart and to our deeper self... to what matters most. 

With this in mind, our Expressive Arts Program offers some alternative ways for you to explore and benefit from the creative process. Even for those of you with no artistic aspirations, or who may feel intimidated by the word ‘art’ — there are intuitive, imaginative pathways you can follow for meaningful self-expression.  You are invited to begin your journey by charting your own goals and intentions. As we hold a sacred, supportive vessel for your inner explorations, you may be surprised by the level of awareness and insight you creatively bring to the surface.

Following a personal consultation, a series of private individual and sequential sessions offer compassionate support relating to your goal areas. Explorations are thoughtfully presented, inviting participants to safely navigate their interior realm through various forms of spontaneous self-expression. Explorations may include art and image making, journaling, dream-work, music and other intuitive healing modalities. 

Day:  Wednesdays (with alternate days/times available) by appointment    

Contact:  Our Expressive Art Therapist, Blythe Bohonos, MA B.Ed. would be delighted to meet with you, answer your questions and assist you in identifying the most effective path for you, your child, or group. For more information or to schedule your initial (complimentary) consultation please call Blythe (403) 277-3003.