2017 Spring Break Camp, Workshops & More

NEW ~ Spring Break Camp for Children

The Basics of Drawing~ Our Specialization!!!  

Everything starts with drawing! Drawing is all about looking, making a mark and learning how to refine that mark to express emotion and re-create a reality or feeling. Using Aliki's Seven-Step system, students gain an understanding of drawing fundamentals while exploring a wide variety of media (e.g., pencil crayon, oil and chalk pastel, tempra paint, charcoal, ink.) During the week, student artists practice different styles of drawing from realistic to abstract. This summer art camp is geared to children and youth who are beginning their artistic journey, as well as drawing enthusiasts without prior formal drawing instruction.

Dates & Times:    Mon. Mar 27 - Fri. Mar 31 from 9 am to noon 

Camp is FULL!  Please consider our summer camp. 

Ages: 7 and older

Cost incl. materials:  New Student Fee: $231.00; $204.75 (Alumni) 


Mini Masters Classes (ages 4 - 7)

Children ages 4 to 7 years will be introduced to learning the skill of drawing. Using a sequential method and a variety of media, students will create sophisticated artwork while enjoying the creative process. This class is tons of fun and improves focus, motor skills, listening skills, and direction following!  

This class is also a great time out for parents to enjoy a break at the nearby French Bakery/Cafe- Eclaire d'Lune. 

NEW Spring Dates: April 8th - May 27th; No classes on May 20th  REGISTER HERE

Time: Saturday mornings at 9:30 a.m. - 10:45 am  

Saturday afternoons at 1:00 pm - 2:15 pm   

Ages: 5-7 years old

Cost including materials: $225 (including GST) ; (Returning student fee is $210.00).  Fees may be paid monthly.

Students who are new to our studio benefit from an assesment and brief meeting prior to registration.  Please call Diana at 403 667 7020 to schedule an appointment.  

Workshops Galore

For Children  ~ "I CAN DRAW" Workshops

Join us for our "I CAN Draw" Workshops , a special 2-hour drawing workshop on Non-Instructional Days for students ages 7 and older.   Students will be immerse in the art making process.  They will be amazed how quickly time flys and so impressed with their own finished artwork.  

Each workshop will feature a new project as students learn and practice funadamental drawing techniques and skills.  All workshops will begin with an introduction/review of basic elements of art so new students are always welcome.  Our studio is a supportive and creative environment allowing young artists the freedom to explore their own potential and nurture their self-esteem, while building a strong repertoire of techniques and skills.  Students will be exposed to a variety of art forms from realistic to abstract and explore a range of media.  Workshops are limited to 10 students per day. All materials are provided.  

Date & Time:  FRIDAYs 1 - 3 pm  on Mar 24, May 19    Register NOW! 

 Cost: $30/ workshop ($31.50 incl GST). Sibling discount available.  

Ages: 7 years old & older

For Teens and Adults  ~ ONE DAY Workshops

Workshop Part 1

This in-depth drawing workshop is geared to adults and teens at all stages from the most intimidated to drawing enthusiasts. Aliki’s 7-Step System* will teach you how to draw realistically in just ONE DAY!  We have balanced just the right combination of theory, drawing exercises, and fun. You will leave the studio saying "I CAN draw!" with confidence!  

The first photo is the participant's drawing BEFORE instruction and the second drawing is after one hour of instruction. 

Dates:  Sunday, April 30, OR Jun 4, 2017  REGISTER HERE 

Don't delay space is limitied.  Workshop was sold out on Jan 22nd!

Time:  9:30  am  - 4:00 pm (30 minute lunch break on your own)

Cost: Workshop fee + Materials fee: $ 165.00  (inlcudes a take-home starter drawing kit).  Prices include GST. 

Workshop Part 2 - At the request of past participants!

Continue your artistic journey with us as you refine the drawing skills you discovered in the Part 1-  ONE DAY Workshop.  We will review the elements of art that were introduced in the first session, and expand on these ideas while creating finished pieces.  You will gain more confidence in your independent drawing skills and begin to explore a variety of colored media.  

Dates : Sunday,  May 7, 2017   REGISTER HERE 

Time: 9:30 am - 4:00 pm (30 minute lunch break on your own)

Cost: Workshop plus materials fee: $157.50 including GST.