Gem Journals

Gem Journal Classes for Adults 

Gem journals are a creative way to create a legacy.  After all, if your life is worth living, isn’t it worth recording?

Gem journals are fun and easy to create.  As adults, we can feel as though we’ve lost some of the innocence and joy of our childhoods. We don’t have the time to stop, reflect, evaluate, wonder and play. What if you could take time out of your week to give yourself permission to express yourself creatively using the combination of art and writing?  Each week during our class, we will have a theme that unites our art and writing (for example: our values, milestones/accomplishments, health, etc.) in order to bring about self- discovery and personal expression.  

Ignore the voices telling you that you’re not an artist and that you can’t do this!  Anyone and everyone is welcome to come and join us.  This individual class teaches you how to begin your personal gem journal. Beginners experience immediate success. No prior art background is necessary.  

*Themes will be different throughout the year.  So if you take one course and enjoy it, there is opportunity to take another as subjects and themes will vary.

Day & Time: Wednesdays at 6:30  - 8:00 pm

Dates:  January 14th to March 4rd, 2014

Cost: Registration fee: $25 +GST ($26.25), $228.50 + GST ($240) for 8 classes (or 114.25 per month); add $25 + GST ($26.25) for materials if you do not have a journal (includes most materials needed).

For your individual private lesson, please contact us.  Your lesson is arranged with your schedule in mind.

Gem Journal Classes for Teens

We are very excited to be offering Gem Journals for teens in combination with scultping projects.

So what is the difference between a journal and a gem journal? Journals become gem journals when you add depth, color, and creativity through illustrations (such as photographs and embellishments of any kind) to your journal. Using Aliki’s Seven-Step system for composing a journal page, budding artists will begin to explore, play, create and listen as they express themselves. Art journaling is a wonderful process of drawing, collaging, and writing using mixed media. Skills used in this class are easily transferable to school work and projects.  Studies show that studying via a combination of drawing and writing helps students retain concepts better.

Designed for children ages 12 and older, this 75-minute class will be a fun, creative and interactive time. Students will continue to develop their technical drawing skills using a wide range of media in a safe environment where they will be challenged to think outside the box and take charge of their learning in a unique and exciting way.  Students will also take their art off the page to 3-demensional sculpting projects.  

Prequisite:  This class is geared for current and past students of Aliki's Art House who have completed the Intermediate Drawing Classes or Camps.  In some cases, new students will also be accepted. Please enquire.

Day and Time:  Thursdays 6:15 to 7:30 pm

Term: Sept 4th, 2014 to May 28th, 2015

Cost: $26.25 registration fee; $52.50 material fee; $120 per month. Prices include GST

Ages: 12 years and older